Ideal Environment Means Adaptation

A Short Story
Ideal Environment Means Adaptation

by Byron Pulsifer

There are always changes in life. No matter who you are, it is inevitable. Changes are as constant as the wind; they are never ending and varied. The most important aspect, however, is how we adapt to those changes even if we don't want them.

Adaptation is an easy word to say but can be a lot more difficult to manage. Take changes in a family's location, a move away from the familiar to unfamiliar surroundings, cultures, or local attitudes.

We moved from a large city with all of its convenience, friendships and familiarity to the country surrounded by miles of virgin bush. The countryside was invigorating with its fresh smells, wildlife aplenty, and quiet solitude of the evening where we could hear every natural sound without it being contaminated by sirens and traffic. Sounds ideal, doesn't it.

But, with this ideal environment came the realization that we didn't know a single person in this country setting; the only store close by was a small convenience store 5 miles away. Any shopping of any sort meant an hour's drive to the city through moose laden country. No longer could I drive five minutes to the nearest hardware store, lumber yard, or grocery store if I forgot to purchase or needed something in a hurry. No longer were we able to have that tasty pizza delivered to the door, or pop down to get that juicy hamburger, or other culinary delight when our mouth watered for something fast and delicious.

No big deal, you say. Well, yes and no. While this may seem as a wonderful environment to be in, it is one that most city dwellers only have for a short summer vacation, or as a cottage retreat. It all seems so inviting that you may wish you could live in every day. But, imagine the changes you have to adapt to when this living environment is a constant 365 days a year. What about getting to that doctor's appointment, dentist, or business meeting when it's minus 30 degrees, snowing, and your trip starts down a country road where no plows run if the weather has cancelled school buses. Does this sound like ideal when you have to get to that appointment; remember, it's not just down the road anymore.

Adaptation comes with more planning for those forays into the city. You learn to make a list and make the rounds completely so you don't forget anything - after all, it's a long way back to get something you forgot to put on the list. And, not only are you buying more gas, more wear and tear on your vehicle, you are spending two hours both ways just because you failed to properly plan.

The point is this;

with any change in life no matter how it may seem beneficial,
there are always changes to adapt to.
Not to say it is bad, or difficult though.
All of this simply means that adaptation is a constant in life -
we need to recognize it, not ignore it.

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