Changing Lifestyles

A true short story about a time in our life when changing lifestyles was a big risk. From the hectic pace of corporate life to our own business where what we do each day determines our success. We were excited but also scared.
A Short Story
Changing Lifestyles


There are many times in our lives when our lifestyle changes. For example, when we finish school and start working; or, when we get married; or, when we have children. The list could go on and on.

While all the usual lifestyle changes have occurred in my life, the one with the most risk was the change I made when I decided to quit my job with a company that I had worked with for 26 years. A company that was very good to me, and of course, in turn I was good to them.

Working for a large corporation gave me the security of a paycheck, a way to support my self. It gave me a sense of belonging; ,when you work for the same company for 26 years you know everyone, you develop close friendships. I was going to leave all this to set up my own business, to be self-employed.

In addition to being self employed this change of lifestyle also meant a major move. I was going to move from Ontario, a very rich province in Canada, to New Brunswick, a province that some call a "have not" province. That meant leaving a network of support and it meant if my business did not succeed it would be very difficult to obtain employment in New Brunswick.

But I had a dream, a passion and I did not want to live my life wondering what would have happened, I wanted to live my dreams. You see my philosophy on life is that we only live once and I am going to pack all there is into this life of mine!

Did I have self doubts, was I scared? You bet I was. But the feelings of believing in myself far outweighed my fears.

So I set my goals, and for the last few years I have been taking action towards these goals of being self employed, and living in the country. Tomorrow the moving truck arrives and a new chapter in my life begins!
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